Meet The 2014 Finalists

  • Knock ‘Em Dead

    Director: Catriona Warren
    Fiona Mackenzie
    According to the sales pitch, Knock ‘Em Dead is a revolutionary new pest control system; but its delivering a lethal blow when it lands in the wrong hands!

  • Chance

    DIRECTOR: Paige Bebee
    PRODUCER: Paige Bebee
    SYNOPSIS: Milla wakes up one day and can’t seem to decide on anything, so she uses a coin toss to choose. Leaving her entire day up to chance leads her to some strange choices.

  • Milk.

    Director: Darwin Schulze
    Producer: Darwin Schulze
    State: NSW
    Synopsis: Who would have thought that buying a bottle of milk could cause so much mayhem?


  • Buloo

    DIRECTOR: Jobe Adams
    PRODUCER: Jobe Adams
    SYNOPSIS: Darren is a young boy who is growing up quickly. When he gets older he wants to be like his grandfather.

  • A Pirate’s Life

    DIRECTOR: Bailey Roth, Natasha Baynham
    PRODUCER: Bailey Roth
    SYNOPSIS: 16 year old Peter believes that he is a pirate and therefore must deal with the consequences associated with being a modern day pirate. His relationship with his best friend Lucy is tested when she can’t handle his childish demeanor anymore and the truth about his childhood is revealed.

  • Tied

    Director: Grace Dephoff
    Producer: Grace Dephoff
    State: NSW
    Synopsis: An ordinary boy, Mark, is having a fairly ordinary day. That is until he puts the dirty washing on for his mum. When he goes to take the newly cleaned laundry out of the machine something very weird has happened to it.

  • A Day In a Life of a Superhero

    DIRECTOR: Jaeger May 
    PRODUCER: Jaeger May 
    SYNOPSIS: In this short comedy/action film watch the everyday activities of J-Man the Superhero as he fights crime. His arch nemesis, Mace-Man attempts to blow up the their local ice cream store all because he’s lactose intolerant. Will J-Man stop Mace-Man in time? Or will he be to late!!!

  • I Can See You

    Director: Jonah Vetticad and Theano Cassimatis
    Filia Papamanolis
    When Jeffrey, a normal schoolboy is asked to just grab a few books from the old library his little task turns into a terrifying adventure.

  • One Cranky Seagull

    Director: Ben McCarthy
    Producer: Graeme McCarthy
    State: NSW
    Synopsis: The world is full of ‘cranky seagulls’. People who squawk and push others around, people who want more than their fair share. So, how do we deal with cranky seagulls? The answer is at the beach….

  • Out of Reach

    Director: Oliver Crawford Smith & Oliver Bailey
    Producer: Oliver Bailey
    State: VIC
    Synopsis: Sometimes help is just out of reach.

  • The Emu And The Panda

    Director: Liam Alexander & Harry Vasey
    Producer: Liam Alexander
    State: NSW
    Synopsis: Conscripted 15 year old, Max Murphy finds himself stuck inside a demolished room in the middle of War. With nothing but a computer with no internet, Max tells his story, but is he able to do it in time…

Latest News

Congratulations Paige!

Posted in Blog on Tuesday 09.12.14

Congratulations to fourteen year old Paige Bebee for winning Trop Jr 2014 with her film ‘Chance’! The film follows the story of a young girl who leaves her day to the twists of fate dictated by one simple factor – the flip of a coin. Each decision of the day is made based on the... Read more

Trop Jr returns TOMORROW!

Posted in Blog on Saturday 06.12.14

Join us at Centennial Park tomorrow as we premiere 15 incredible short films made by filmmakers aged 15 and under. Learn more about the Finalists here. Gates open at 11am for live music and dance performances, face painting with the GetUp! team, giveaways and prize packs to celebrate the premiere of the new Paddington movie,... Read more

Meet the Finalists of Trop Jr 2014!

Posted in Blog on Wednesday 12.11.14

We’ve just wrapped up our Finalist Announcement at the iconic Sydney Opera House and we are so excited to reveal the 15 incredible filmmakers whose films will premiere at Trop Jr 2014 on December 7. Congratulations! Meet the Finalists here.

Entries are now closed!

Posted in Blog on Friday 10.10.14

Congratulations to everyone who worked on an entry for Trop Jr 2014! Since entries closed yesterday afternoon, we’ve been flat out processing hundreds of entries submitted to this year’s competition. We at Trop Jr feel very privileged to see the work of such incredibly talented young filmmakers – we have no doubt that many of... Read more

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