Sample Release Form

Download a sample Release Form.

Please note:  This is a sample release form and is only intended as a starting point to show you what needs to be included in a film release form. You should not rely on it until you have sought independent legal advice.

Don’t forget – signed release forms are needed for:

(i) any third party materials that appear in your film in which copyright may exist,
(ii) all the performers who appear in your film; and
(iii) anyone who contributes services to the film.

This includes signed release forms for: any underlying materials your film is based upon (e.g., if your film is based on a novel, script, etc.); anyone who appears in your film (e.g., actors, extras, etc.); anyone who works on the film (e.g., cinematographers, editors, costume designers, etc.); any visual images that appear in your film (e.g., paintings, posters, photographs, etc.); any audio-visual works that appear in your film (e.g., pre-existing films, videos, television programs, etc.); and any music compositions or sound recordings that appear in your film.

For a typical short film, ALL contributors must sign a Release Form.