Tropfest is unique in that all films made for the festival must include the Tropfest Signature Item (TSI). The TSI changes each year and it shows us that films have been made specifically that year’s festival. The TSI can be interpreted by filmmakers in any way they choose and can be used as a main part of the film’s story or just as a very subtle inclusion. In 2012, the Tropfest New York TSI was “Bagel” and in 2013, the TSI was “Bridge”.

For 2014, the TSI is “KISS”. 

Past TSI’s from Australia have included:

2011 Key
Tropfest 2011 Creative








2010 Dice
Tropfest 2010 creative











2009 Spring










2008 The number 8









2007 Sneeze








2006 Bubble

Tropfest 2006 creative







2005 Umbrella

Tropfest 2005 creative












2004 Hook

Tropfest 2004 creative







2003 Rock

Tropfest 2003 creative












2002 Match

Tropfest 2002 creative












2001 Horn

Tropfest 2001creative












2000 Bug

Tropfest 2000 creative












1999 Chopsticks

Tropfest 1999 creative












1998 Kiss

Tropfest 1998 creative












1997 Pickle

Tropfest 1997creative












1996 Teaspoon

Tropfest 1996 creative












1995 Coffee bean

1994 Muffin

1993 No TSI

You can read more about the history of the TSI HERE.