THE UNLIKELY MAESTRO – First Prize Tropfest NY 2013

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Directed by Nick Baker & Tristan Klein

A humble rat dreams of becoming a world-famous conductor.

This is Nick Baker and Tristan Klein’s second entry into Tropfest New York 2013. Nick has written, directed and produced a number of short films over the past five years which have been anything but ordinary: a project involving more than 4,500 photographs of a mannequin in the streets of New York and a documentary about America’s foremost wizard, to name a few. Tristan Klein’s love of animation began as an early obsession with the 90’s cartoon pair Ren and Stimpy. As a child, Tristan would draw any cartoon character he could find, trying to perfect a variety of styles.

First Prize Tropfest New York 2013
TSI ‘Bridge’


4 Responses to “THE UNLIKELY MAESTRO – First Prize Tropfest NY 2013”

  1. Paula Schoppe says:

    Congratulations. Loved this.

  2. Nancy Daniele says:

    Truly Wonderful! Congratulations and looking forward to more.

  3. Burnley Duke Dame says:

    Such a lovely short film! Knew before the credits even ran that it was the winner. Have watched it over and over (on a cell phone, no less…) and have encouraged everyone not able to attend Tropfest to watch it. Congratulations to Nick and Tristan! What a splendid childrens’ book it would make.

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