Tropfest Featured Films


    Directed by Nick Baker & Tristan Klein

    A long distance relationship.

    Australian filmmaking duo Nick Baker and Tristan Klein have two finalist entries in Tropfest
    New York this year. Tristan and Nick attended high school together and recently teamed up to
    work on a series of animation projects. Despite having no formal animation training, this is the
    third time Nick and Tristan have collaborated, with their short film Punctured coming 3rd at
    Tropfest Australia 2013.

  • BEN

    Directed by Tom Lipinski

    Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s short story Misery, BEN is about a young man’s struggle with isolation.

    Tom Lipinski was raised in Concord, Massachusetts, went to college at Brown University and moved to Brooklyn nine years ago. He is a professional actor who has always been fascinated by filmmaking. As an actor he has appeared on several small screen hits, including Suits for USA, The Following for FOX and Deception for NBC. Tom will also be in the latest Jason Reitman film, Labor Day, starring opposite Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.

  • THE UNLIKELY MAESTRO – First Prize Tropfest NY 2013

    Directed by Nick Baker & Tristan Klein

    A humble rat dreams of becoming a world-famous conductor.

    This is Nick Baker and Tristan Klein’s second entry into Tropfest New York 2013. Nick has written, directed and produced a number of short films over the past five years which have been anything but ordinary: a project involving more than 4,500 photographs of a mannequin in the streets of New York and a documentary about America’s foremost wizard, to name a few. Tristan Klein’s love of animation began as an early obsession with the 90’s cartoon pair Ren and Stimpy. As a child, Tristan would draw any cartoon character he could find, trying to perfect a variety of styles.

    First Prize Tropfest New York 2013
    TSI ‘Bridge’


    Directed by Jonathan Emmerling

    A girl wakes up to find the whole world is giving her the silent treatment.

    After studying film at NYU, Jonathan Emmerling started a production company called Untucked Films, making shorts for festivals and the web. His work has placed in top film festivals and been viewed online over 15 million times. He is known for combining offbeat humor and poignant emotion. Jonathan lives in Brooklyn and this fall, he will shoot his first feature, an independent comedy called Babyshare. Jonathan says he will die a happy man if he one day writes something as good as King Lear or The Simpsons ‘Monorail’ episode.


    Directed by Christo Erasmus

    An unfulfilled school cleaner feels that he doesn’t fit in. A pencil will show him that it’s time he remembered what his true purpose is… he needs to save her.

    Before Christo Erasmus could even talk, he was able to fully operate a VHS Player. As a child, he was the silent boy that sat in front of the television watching cartoons with his chair precisely in the middle, in order to have the perfect viewing spot. It was no wonder that when he finally decided to talk, his first word was in fact two words: Donald Duck! While his friends all wanted to be firemen or Superman, Christo wanted to be Steven Spielberg.


    Directed by Eve Danzeisen

    This is a story of getting sick, not knowing what’s wrong, and then getting better.

    Eve Danzeisen never thought she would make a short film. Ever. But she did dream about it after attending Tropfest New York last year and having such a good time experiencing the idea of a drive-in movie with such a sense of community. It was emblematic of everything she thought of the spirit of New York. She recently went to Los Angeles as an actor and one day the theme “Bridge” gave her an idea for a story, a story she hopes people can relate to. And now she would like to make movies all the time!

    Eve won the Best Actress award for her role in THE HARDEST PART.


    Directed by Scott Holgate

    A young boy mows his grandmother’s lawn for pocket money.

    Scott Holgate graduated with a Bachelor of Communications and Media Production from the University of Canberra in 2009. Since graduating, he has made numerous short films with his brother Brent. Pocket Money is Scott’s third Tropfest finalist nomination with his documentary Every Second Weekend a finalist in 2010 and Matchbox Brothers in 2012. Scott is currently a freelance cinematographer.


    Director by Maria Gordillo

    An all day chase ensues after the boyfriend of a girl whose bag gets snatched in an East Village cafe chases the Snatcher clear across NYC.

    Born in Madrid, Maria Gordillo led an impressive career as a creative writer at BBDO Madrid, Euro RSCG NY among other major advertising agencies. Maria left advertising two years ago to study film at New York’s Columbia University. She has since embarked upon a series of personal projects, both writing and directing. Her last short film, Presence Required, has been selected to more than twenty National and International Film Festivals and she has just finished writing her third feature film.


    Directed by Nick Petrie

    A man struggling to define himself meets a mysterious woman who forces him to confront his biggest fear.

    Nick Petrie grew up in New Hampshire and holds a BA in Theater/English from the University of Vermont. His love of film was sparked in 1982 after seeing E.T. In 1999, Nick moved to New York where he worked originally in theater as an actor and director. He currently freelances as a Director/Producer/Camera Operator and recently opened a small production company called Lil Creative Machine. Innocent Creep is his first short film.


    Directed by Jessica M. Thompson

    After ‘crossing the pond’, Grace finds a treasure map that takes her on an adventure through New York City.

    Jessica M. Thompson knew she was going to be a Writer/Actor/Director on May 12th,1997 after watching Braveheart with her family. She moved from Sydney to New York over two years ago and co-founded Stedfast Productions, a collective of filmmakers who use visual imagery to entertain, inspire hope, provoke thought, and explore the human story. Jessica has worked as an editor with Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, Liz Garbus, and has recently finished writing her first feature film script.


    Directed by Jennifer Gerber

    A young man discovers a whole new world through an abandoned camera that he finds on the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Jennifer Gerber grew up in Arkansas but she built her film career in Chicago before attending graduate school at Columbia University. Jennifer served as Senior Producer for Manning Productions as well as a 1st Assistant Director on numerous film and commercial productions including Black Dog Red Dogwith James Franco and Ex-Girlfriendswith Jennifer Carpenter. Jennifer’s most recent short film Soul Winner is currently traveling the festival circuit, and she is in development for her first feature, Pretty Near Perfect, about teenage beauty queens in Arkansas.


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